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All the Stars and Bunny Trails

Brigadier Migu
19 December

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a girl was born of the lagomorph variety. It was said that the colour of her eyes was comparable to that of the night sky; the colour of her fur to that of pure stardust. Though her loving family was able to provide her with everything she needed, and though she was very grateful for what she had, this girl secretly longed for something more. She felt as though she had some sort of connection with the world beyond her home and family; she wanted to explore this mysterious universe. With the aid of her most beloved companion, she set out in search of what she longed for...

Well, that's not exactly how it started.

Please forgive my bad sci-fi-writing skills. My name is Migu (pronounced me-goo, after the indie J-rock band led by Yuko Araki, only without the hyphen). I'm a plush rabbit - yes, you read correctly. More specifically, I'm a Tan Swirl Bunny from Build-A-Bear Workshop. I live with my human companion, colloidish (better known as Kath), her family, and several of my plush friends. My friends and I do all sorts of things together at home, like watching TV and playing video games.

As for the "longing for something more", it's a bit peculiar. Ever since Katheh showed me the starry sky the night she took me home, I've been captivated by the concept of outer space and a world beyond my own. While we both highly doubt that I'll actually go up into space someday, I as a stuffed toy still have many opportunities to venture out into the world. Keep checking my journal for updates as to where I've been and what I've accomplished.
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