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Guess who's ba-a-ack? D=

Longest. Hibernation. Ever.

Okay, so it wasn't exactly a proper hibernation, as in constant slumber; there was much lounging, gaming, and snacking involved. =P I know this sounds crazy, but as much as I love keeping you guys informed, I just felt as though I needed a little time away from the interwebs. -ducks should she be pelted with fruit-

Lest you worry, the Brigade and I have been doing just peachy over the past year, despite that opportunities to get out have been scarce (poor Mantyke has been waiting for months and still hasn't received any word of the next trip). Anju's been busy with his sketches and dream logs, Jellybean's been reading up on the finer aspects of dyeing and customizing Easter eggs, Pikachu enjoys occasional appearances at gatherings of local Poke-fans, and Lentil has become quite the clothes-panda, finally taking notice of his small wardrobe.

As for Kath, who has now discarded her previous journal in favor of a username that's more 'her', life has had its ins and outs, as any of her human friends could tell you. She's taken up a new hobby in the past year - that of displaying Asian ball-jointed dolls to represent her original roleplay characters. If you'd known Kath as long as, say, Pikachu has, you'd know she had always been a plushie person. 'Why the sudden doll obsession?' I had wondered at first. In time, it came to me that her characters, unlike us six, had physical human attributes in addition to animal ones and thus required fully anthropomorphic models. Surely enough, Kath's first doll - a DollFactory Pet-Ari Shikal (raccoon anthro) arrived in the mail in mid-January and quickly became the object of much attention from Kath and her family, and I didn't know for sure if I could fully adjust. By and by, Jellybean - uber-knowledgeable as always - pointed out that Agnes was just a model; representative of one of Kath's ideas, unlike us, who had thoughts and feelings of our own. ^^

My profile is practically crying out to be updated. During hibernation, I picked up some great new musical interests from Kath, like Tracy Bonham and the super-awesome Murmurs. =) Also, I could use some more plushie friends and communities.

All in all, it's superb to be back in LJ-land. I'll see everyone around! =D


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May. 3rd, 2009 05:02 pm (UTC)
Ooh, the RPG dolls sound interesting!
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