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I've been tagged by flt_lt_bear.

As if I need another tag. C'mon, that's supposed to be funny. =p

Anyways, here's how it works: People who have been tagged post their answers and replace any question they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. Tag 8 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse. These 8 people must state who they were tagged by. You cannot tag the person who tagged you.

1. You have £50 in your pocket - what do you do with it?
I'd get Katheh to take me to the bank and have it converted to dollars, then we'd go to the Space & Rocket Center to see some cool exhibits. After that, we'd spend whatever was left at BABW.

2. What is your most guilty pleasure?
Lemon cake. ^^

3.How tall are you?
16 inches, not counting ears.

4.Are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?
Well, maybe a little. A plushie's life is all about new possibilities - there's no telling what I might have the opportunity to do next.

5.What was the last movie you saw, for pleasure, and would you recommend it?
I watched a portion of Dr. Dolittle (the new version) with Kath and her mom last night. I enjoyed it a lot, even though I didn't see any rabbits.

6.Do you have a secret?
Not at all.

7.If the person you like does not accept you, would you continue to wait for them to change their feelings?
I don't think so, but there would be a very low chance of that happening, seeing as I am an ultra-cute-and-cuddly stuffed bunny. -^^-

8.If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
I'd curl up into a little ball to console myself for a while. I'd probably also beg Kath to share her next dessert with me. =p

9.Is there anything that has made you unhappy recently?
The overassociation of rabbits with Easter. We like other holidays too, you know.

10.if you could live in another country which would it be and why?
Japan! I'd go for the anime, yummy food, and general appreciation for cute bunnies. ^^

11.Which of the 7 Deadly Sins do you think you relate to the most & why?
Envy. I often wish I could be like other plushies I know and travel all the time instead of being stuck inside the house all day.

12.Thunderstorms - cool or scary?
Way cool! =D Kath and I love to snuggle together while listening to a storm outside.

13.Do you have a teddy bear/plushie that you don't tell everyone about?
Plushies can't have plushies! -snickers-

14. Would you rather be a really good person or a really interesting person?
Neither - I'm happy being a bunny. =)

15. What's your favourite season?
Definitely spring. It's a great time for new things to happen.

16. Which fictional character could you most see yourself marrying?
Bucky O'Hare! He could take me up into space, and together we'd fend off the evil Toad Empire! ^^;

17. Best pizza topping?
Extra cheese and mushrooms!

18. Do you have a motto? If yes which one?
"Live through the spirit of your dreams."

19. What's your clothing style of choice?
Cute and comfortable. Also, anything plaid. ^^

20. What place most speaks to you?
Outer space, of course. =)

I need to tag eight other people, but I haven't made any friends besides my two bear pals and Katheh, so I'll just wait for someone to drop by. Free tags, anyone? =D


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