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Meet my loyal comrades - the original Stardust Brigade!
(Yes, we even checked to see if the name was already taken!)

Okay, so we're not exactly a brigade, as in a group of individuals united for a common purpose. We're just really good friends who all share an interest in adventure and the world beyond our own. I'll introduce each of them to you, starting from the left.

Pikachu - The subject of Katheh's childhood infatuation, which occasionally renews as she involves herself in Pokemon-related activities. Pika's a bit of a tough guy, often the first to jump into action whenever action is called for. It's interesting to note that his personality reflects that of his anime counterpart, Ash's companion. He's also the most well-traveled of the group, having accompanied Katheh to many places, including his favourite - the beach.

Jellybean - The sweet and sensitive know-it-all. Jellybean loves to learn and is always impressing us with her ever-growing accumulation of knowledge. While she enjoys spending time with the rest of us, she often prefers to keep to herself. For some reason or another, she's the only one of us who has never joined Kath on an excursion, but she and I are making plans to change that. We're proud to have her as our fuzzy little encyclopedia.

Anju - The diehard dreamer we can't help but love. Anju always seems to have his floppy head in the clouds concerning plans for things he wants to accomplish someday. He just needs to be convinced that he'll never get anything done if he doesn't stop dreaming. All of us, especially Pikachu, have tried to involve him in activities to help him snap out of his state of engrossment, but all to little avail. Maybe Anju will surprise us one day by carrying out one of his great plans of action.

Lentil - Katheh's first BABW animal, and an incurable pessimist. Lentil can always predict (or so he thinks) the outcome of every day at Kath's house - dull and unadventurous. He often puts us all in a bad mood by telling us that all hope for excitement in the day is lost. We've tried numerous times to help him lighten up, and sometimes we wonder if he actually prefers to be gloomy and grumpy. Still, Lentil is a trustworthy friend who is always there when we need him.

Mantyke - The ever-cheerful bearer of good news. Mantyke never says much, but his very presence often indicates that something positive is about to happen. He frequently acts as a messenger among us and is often the first to receive news of upcoming events, such as family trips. He loves nothing more than to be with his friends and to cheer them up should they feel depressed. Mantyke does his best to maintain a lively atmosphere among us, and his efforts keep us all - yes, even Lentil - in our best moods.



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Mar. 8th, 2008 02:54 pm (UTC)
They say hello! ^^
Mar. 20th, 2008 02:15 pm (UTC)
*waves hi* :)
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