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Guess who's ba-a-ack? D=

Longest. Hibernation. Ever.

Okay, so it wasn't exactly a proper hibernation, as in constant slumber; there was much lounging, gaming, and snacking involved. =P I know this sounds crazy, but as much as I love keeping you guys informed, I just felt as though I needed a little time away from the interwebs. -ducks should she be pelted with fruit-

Lest you worry, the Brigade and I have been doing just peachy over the past year, despite that opportunities to get out have been scarce (poor Mantyke has been waiting for months and still hasn't received any word of the next trip). Anju's been busy with his sketches and dream logs, Jellybean's been reading up on the finer aspects of dyeing and customizing Easter eggs, Pikachu enjoys occasional appearances at gatherings of local Poke-fans, and Lentil has become quite the clothes-panda, finally taking notice of his small wardrobe.

As for Kath, who has now discarded her previous journal in favor of a username that's more 'her', life has had its ins and outs, as any of her human friends could tell you. She's taken up a new hobby in the past year - that of displaying Asian ball-jointed dolls to represent her original roleplay characters. If you'd known Kath as long as, say, Pikachu has, you'd know she had always been a plushie person. 'Why the sudden doll obsession?' I had wondered at first. In time, it came to me that her characters, unlike us six, had physical human attributes in addition to animal ones and thus required fully anthropomorphic models. Surely enough, Kath's first doll - a DollFactory Pet-Ari Shikal (raccoon anthro) arrived in the mail in mid-January and quickly became the object of much attention from Kath and her family, and I didn't know for sure if I could fully adjust. By and by, Jellybean - uber-knowledgeable as always - pointed out that Agnes was just a model; representative of one of Kath's ideas, unlike us, who had thoughts and feelings of our own. ^^

My profile is practically crying out to be updated. During hibernation, I picked up some great new musical interests from Kath, like Tracy Bonham and the super-awesome Murmurs. =) Also, I could use some more plushie friends and communities.

All in all, it's superb to be back in LJ-land. I'll see everyone around! =D
Rawr! ^^

Well, that just marked the end of the longest hiatus in the history of the universe. I'm unsure as to why I didn't feel the urge to post upon our return from the beach excursion, let alone Easter. In the meantime, the Brigade and I have been doing quite well, despite the recent lack of opportunities to get out of the house. We've kept ourselves occupied with the usual business of TV and games as Kath was finishing up school.

Beach and Easter photo-stories are on the way, so keep an eye out. ;)
I've been tagged by flt_lt_bear.

As if I need another tag. C'mon, that's supposed to be funny. =p

Anyways, here's how it works: People who have been tagged post their answers and replace any question they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. Tag 8 people. Those who are tagged cannot refuse. These 8 people must state who they were tagged by. You cannot tag the person who tagged you.

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I need to tag eight other people, but I haven't made any friends besides my two bear pals and Katheh, so I'll just wait for someone to drop by. Free tags, anyone? =D
Tomorrow!! Yay!! =D

Well, now that I have my swimsuit and Jelly has her Easter attire, all's right with our world.
Kath and her family thought we looked so photogenic in our new outfits. ^^

The beach and Easter fast approacheth!

Katheh and I are counting down the days, and it just happens that we will be leaving for the Gulf Coast in exactly...ONE WEEK!!! -breaks into the Barenaked Ladies tune- That's right, only seven more days 'til I get to be a "dune bunny", so to speak. I hear the facility we'll be staying in offers free wi-fi, and Kath's dad is bringing his laptop, so I'll be able to send updates to the Brigade (and you guys, of course) straight from the lobby.

Among BABW's forty-plus new spring fashions is an uber-kawaii beach set that I'd really love to have for the trip, even though I won't actually be on the beach (the swimsuit I posted earlier has been discontinued). Kath's planning an excursion to the mall (possibly on Friday) to pick up some oceanside apparel for herself and, more possibly than not, to check about the set for me. I'll try not to be too upset if it's not in stock. =/

What's more is that very shortly after our return, Easter - every bunny's favourite holiday (though I prefer Christmas myself) - will be upon us. Being the sole lagomorphs of the Brigade, Jellybean and I have talked and are planning a surprise egg hunt for all of Kath's plushies, and we'll even dress out for the occasion. I'll wear my plaid jumper; we think the Tweakie P. clothes from Michaels will fit Jelly, who's decided upon a black vinyl jacket and a denim skirt.


Meet my loyal comrades - the original Stardust Brigade!
(Yes, we even checked to see if the name was already taken!)

Okay, so we're not exactly a brigade, as in a group of individuals united for a common purpose. We're just really good friends who all share an interest in adventure and the world beyond our own. I'll introduce each of them to you, starting from the left.

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Katheh finally found time to take another picture of me! =D

Pretty neat, huh? The thing around my neck is my Lifetime Paw Pass, which entitles me access to all the fun stuff inside BABW, with Kath's supervision, of course. I can't wait to go back there and gear up for my trip to the beach (which is only a little less than two weeks away)! ^^


Katheh's getting me all psyched for the family trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach next month. She's decided to let me come along! =D Pikachu, who accompanied her there last year, told me in great detail about everything I'd see and do. I must admit, a balcony view of the ocean, heaping plates of yummy seafood, and afternoon siestas every day make for a winning combination in my book. There might even be opportunities for stargazing at night! ^^ Pika was a little disappointed, though, when he said he never got to join Katheh on the beach - he only watched her from the balcony. I told him I wouldn't mind that part - after all, getting gritty sand in your fur is no day at the...well, you know what I mean.

When it comes to packing, the only other outfits I have are my plaid Easter dress and my harvest sprite costume - neither of which come close to being suitable beach apparel. So I might need a swimsuit (thank goodness for that sarong ^^;) and an extra top or two. Yes, I know I won't actually be swimming, but as Kath's mom says, "it's the principle of the thing."